Wealthy, Famous, Noble or Divine Adoptive or Foster Families

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And adoptees/fosterees who married into such families

Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon, Ada (under Alexander the Great), Albee, Edward Franklin, Alexander the Great, Alexander VI, Allan, Jani, Amo, Anton Wilhelm, Andal, Arthur, Astor, Joshua, Bach, Johann Sebastian, Bankhead, Tallulah, Barber, Dee Seton, Bayard, James Asheton, Sr., Berlin, Andy, Bhattacharya, Namita Kaul, Bijani, Laden & Laleh, Boson of Arles, Bradford, William, Brady, John Green, Brimeyer, Alex, Cain, Dean George Thomas, Caprotti, Gian Giacomo, Carl Louis John, Carr, Harold Herbert, Charbonneau, Jean Baptiste, Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope, Childebert II, Childebert III Adoptivus, Chinese Qing Dynasty, Chosroes II, Christy, Hirini Whaanga, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Clitus Niger, Cochran, Jacqueline, Cole, Carol, Cole, George, Cole, Nat Kelly, Collins, Joely, Crawford, Christina, Crazy Horse, CuChulain, Custis, George Washington Parke, Danilova, Alexandra Dyonysievna, Day, Sabrina Sidney (see Hannibal, Abram Petrovich), de Beauharnais, Eugène-Rose, de Beauharnais, Hortense, Delamere, Paora Kingi, Delamere, Paora Kingi, Dermit, Édouard, Douglas, Anthony, Duchin, Peter Oelrichs, Eliezer, Ellison, Edward Pohau, Emerick, Louis, Enkidu, Ephraim and Manasseh, Erichthonius, Esther, Eumenes I, Finn Mac Cumhal, Fitzgerald, Ella, Fowler, Percy Leo, Foyster, Adelaide, Francisco, Peter, Frankovich, Mike J., Frelinghuysen, Frederick Theodore, Gaveston, Piers, Genée, Adeline, Gilbert, Melissa Ellen, God's Wife, Graham, Eddie, Griffith, Calvin, Gülnüs Ummetüllah, Gökçen, Sabiha, Hancock, John, Hannibal, Abram Petrovich, Hawai'ian Royal Families, Heracles, Houston, Samuel, Hyllus, Ibrahim Pasha, India (Princely States), Jehoash, Jumping Bull, Kano Sansetsu, Karl XIV Johan, Kean, Edmund, Kiribati, Knight, Edward Austen, LaBadie, Florence, Lee, John Doyle, Lewis, Eleanor Parke Custis, Li Peng, Lin Huoping, Lone Wolf II, Lonewolf, Delos Knowles, MacBride, Roger Lea, Mahuta, Robert Te Kotahitanga a Koroki, Mandela, Nelson Rolihlahla, March, Naomi (Nimmy), Maretu II, Mariner, William, Maugham, William Somerset, Maui, McArthur, James, McAuley, Catherine, McCartney, Heather, Melcher, Terry, Melville, Herman, Melzi, Francesco, Memminger, Christopher Gustavus, Michael V Kalaphates, Midas, Montu / Chons, Moriarty, John, Mortara, Edgardo, Moses, Muhammad, Murray, Andrew Buist, Nguyen, Martine (see under Bokassa I), O'Connell, James F., O'Connor, Hugh, O'Neil, Robert Vincent, Jr., Oedipus, Okada Keishu, Omahuru, Ngatau, Palmer, James Alvin, Perry, Mae Walker (under Walker, C.J.), Peter III, Phair, Elizabeth Clark, Philip V, Pitau, Otene, Poe, Edgar Allan, Pomare Dynasty, Ponsonby, Sarah, Poutapu, Wiremu Te Ranga, Presley, Priscilla Ann, Pryderi, Quinn, Katherine DeMille, Reagan, Michael E., Roland, Roman Empire, Roosevelt, Eleanor, Saigo Siro, Sancho, Ignatius, Sargon I, Schünemann-Pott, Friedrich, Seki Takakazu Kowa, Semiramis, Sennacherib, Shelton Kenneth, Shelton, Fincourt, Short, William, Singh, Vishwanath Pratap, Slocum, Frances, Smith, John Walter, Smith, Robyn, Stewart, Albert Oliphant, Strozzi, Barbara, Sun Kewang, Tangiia Nui, Te Ariki Upoko Tini, Te Atua, Henare, Te Waharoa, Tecumseh, Thyssen-Bornemisza, Heinrich, Tinh Hue, Tolstoy, Leo Nikolayevich, Trapp Family, Tu Tapu, Tydings, Joseph Davies, Tyson, Mike G., Utrillo, Maurice, William the Conqueror, İnan, Afet, Yoshida Shigeru, Zaid bin Haritha,

Aberdeen, George Hamilton Gordon

George Gordon was the grandson of the 3rd Earl of Aberdeen. His mother died in 1791 and his father in 1795, leaving him in the care of two guardians: William Pitt the Younger (the ... [more]

Ada (under Alexander the Great)

Alexander was one of the greatest generals in history. His empire stretched from Greece to Egypt, Asia Minor and as far east as the River Ind in India. He was born the son of Philip II of ... [more]

Albee, Edward Franklin

Albee has won three Pulitzer Prizes. His 13 plays (including The Zoo Story, The Sandbox, Tiny Alice, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, and Three Tall Women) are among the most famous in 20th... [more]

Alexander the Great

Alexander was one of the greatest generals in history. His empire stretched from Greece to Egypt, Asia Minor and as far east as the River Ind in India. He was born the son of Philip II of ... [more]

Alexander VI

Pope Alexander VI was born into the wealthy and corrupt Borgia family of Valencia, Spain, and adopted by his maternal uncle, Alfonso Borgia (later Pope Callistus III). He collected religiou... [more]

Allan, Jani

Allan was adopted aged one month by a wealthy British-South African couple, John and Janet Fry. John Fry died when she was 10. She has been a model and married a wealthy South African, G... [more]

Amo, Anton Wilhelm

Amo was born on the Gold Coast (Ghana) about 1703 and taken to Amsterdam when he was about four. He was given to the Duke of Wolfenbüttel and baptised Anton Wilhelm. He was educated with su... [more]


In Tamil Nadu tradition, Andal was a girl (by some considered to be a manifestation of the goddess Bhoodevi) found under a tulsi bush in the flower garden of the temple of Vishnu at Srivill... [more]


King Arthur was born the son of Uther and Igerna, who was the wife of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall. He was raised by Sir Ector in secret and became king on Uther's death, proving his right to ... [more]

Astor, Joshua

Astor is the birth son of Joe "Gannex" Kagan, friend of the British prime minister Harold Wilson, but was adopted aged three by his step-father, Michael Astor, MP (one of the weal... [more]

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