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Alexander the Great

Alexander was one of the greatest generals in history. His empire stretched from Greece to Egypt, Asia Minor and as far east as the River Ind in India. He was born the son of Philip II of ... [more]

Tangiia Nui

Tangiia Nui was named Uenga by his mother, Ka'ungake Ariki ki te Marama, when he was born; later his grandfather, Amaru Enua, named him Rangi. He was adopted by his uncle, Pou te Vananga... [more]

Tamaiti Whangai

Tamaiti whangai is the New Zealand Maori term for a foster or adopted child. "Tamaiti" (plural "tamariki") means "child" and "whangai" means to feed ... [more]

Pomare Dynasty

The Pomare family dominated the politics of Tahiti from 1793 until 1880. The family genealogy shows a large number of adoptions. This is probably typical of Polynesian royal families, as ad... [more]

Norwegian Ruling Families

In the Middle Ages fostering was practiced between the great families of Norway, possibly as a means of cementing interfamily alliances or demonstrating reciprocal status relationships. Acc... [more]

India (Princely States)

Until the 19th century what is now India (like Europe) was a patchwork of over 650 princely states, like kingdoms, ranging from the small and relatively unimportant, to the large, immensely... [more]


Hyllus was the son of Heracle s and either Deianira or Melite. Heracles had helped Aegimius in his battle with the Lapiths, and in gratitude Aegimius offered him a third of his land. Herac... [more]

Honorific Adoption

It is not unusual for adults to be adopted as honorary members of a family, clan or tribe. There are two main types. One is the publicity-stunt adoption of politicians, usually western l... [more]

Hawai'ian Royal Families

The history of the royal dynasties of Hawai'i has been as tangled as that of many others. Until the early 19th century each island was ruled by its own dynasty, but Kamehameha the Great (17... [more]


Setana was the son of the god Lugh and the mortal Dechtire, wife of Sualtam. He had seven pupils in each eye and 14 fingers and toes. He was sent to be fostered by the best men in Ulster, a... [more]

Chosroes II

Chosroes was the son of King Hormizd IV, in whose overthrow and assassination in 590 he participated. After his father's death he escaped to the Byzantine Empire and was adopted by Emperor ... [more]

Chinese Qing Dynasty

For nearly 200 years the Qing dynasty practiced a form of adoption to secure orderly succession to the throne when the emperor was childless. It was instituted by the Yong Zheng Empero... [more]

Childebert III Adoptivus

Childebert is usually reckoned to be the natural son of Grimoald I, the mayor of the palace of King Sigibert III of Austriasia (the region of present-day France around Metz), who adopted hi... [more]

Childebert II

Childebert was the son of King Sigibert I and Brunhilde. In the chaos of sixth-century France, Sigibert and his brothers, Gontran (Guntram), king of Burgundy, and Chilpéric, king of Soisson... [more]

Boson of Arles

Boson was born before 850, the son of Buwin, Count of Ardennes. His father made him governor of Lombardy and in 879 Boson convened the nobility of Provence and had himself elected King of P... [more]

Tu Tapu

Tu Tapu was the birth son of Maonga and Pou Teo and was adopted by Maonga's brother, Pou te Vanangaroa ki Iva, high chief of Tahiti and the Marquesas. Pou had two born-to sons and another a... [more]

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